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Our Restorative Program is the only Quantum Healing that's been field tested thoroughly by subjects ranging from having light to severe health issues

When I say our Restorative Program works - that it can actually improve overall health, well-being, energy and success of the subject, I mean it. The restorative program has PROVEN results.

Case Study #1:

Estella had acid reflux and psoriasis and had ears that were weeping and crusted, along with itchy ear canals. She was tired of worrying, depressed and stressed out of her mind when she first approached me. Today, she has had a reduction in all of those symptoms.

And Estella isn't the only one. Check this out...

Case Study #2:

Danni has a lump in her breast, and she suspected that it has already spread.  She previously had cancer and tried medical treatment, but it didn't work.  Apart from that, she also has had lymphedema in her right arm on and off. When she recently consulted me about it, she had already conceded and was not seeking to eliminate the cancer, but to hopefully erase it from her genes and family timeline so that her children would not inherit or face the same condition.  

Today, she is much better, the arm pain and feeling of lymphedema is better, and her energy is higher.  Danni’s relationship with her children has improved significantly. She is now ready to tackle the cancer head on as her lump has not grown since we began working together.  We continue to work at the cellular level to create change for her children.

Her friends are calling her back and she is experience happiness and joy.

Pretty exciting, right?

If these people can get these great results, then you can too!

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(No Commitment, Free of Charge)




A Remote Session To:

  • Clear blocks and attachments from your DNA and timeline that would prevent the digestive system from regenerating efficiently and effectively.
  • Increase the Life Force (energy) in your body to be able to receive the regenerative process.
  • Balance the energetic, physical, mental, and emotional fields.
  • Balance chakras and auras.
  • Energetic Transmissions of Digestive enzymes and nutrients.
  • Digestive enzymes for digestion
  • Infection clearing support for virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite
  • 60 essential nutrients

(No Commitment, Free of Charge)




A Remote Session To:

  • Clear blocks and attachments from your DNA and timeline that would prevent the digestive system from regenerating efficiently and effectively.
  • Increase the Life Force (energy) in your body to be able to receive the regenerative process.
  • Balance the energetic, physical, mental, and emotional fields.
  • Balance chakras and auras.
  • Energetic Transmissions of Digestive enzymes and nutrients.
  • Digestive enzymes for digestion
  • Infection clearing support for virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite
  • 60 essential nutrients

Meet Kari…

Welcome! I’m Kari Alajoki, Founder and Owner of E.M.Body Coaching and Healing.

How I began my journey… Years ago, I set out to make changes in my life due to feelings of overwhelm of raising a family amidst health challenges, and the inability to have the home life I desired. I began the studies of mind-body connection, transformational life coaching, and Quantum energetic healing.  Personal transformational experiences and extensive studies have led me to grow in personal confidence as a mother, how to coach and support my children through different stages in life, and who I am as a mother as part of the broader picture of who I am as a person. Out of this, I discovered my ability to intuitively connect and support others in the areas of emotional, mental, and physical challenges. Clients from countries around the world have benefited from support and healing in these areas.

Today, I am homeschooling my children (and loving it!), and enjoy coaching and supporting others in their emotional, mind and body challenges. Using Quantum energy to activate a person’s own body to stimulate healing, I specialize specifically in auto-immune challenges to help create balance within their bodies to support them in their healing process. While my coaching practice can guide individuals in all areas of life, I am especially passionate about helping mothers.

Our Program Works!

Others just like you have started out skeptical, only to find that our system made a real difference for them.
Here's what some of the people say about our program and how it has helped them:

I Instantly Felt LIGHTER and Felt the HAZE Was GONE!*

"I had been feeling brain fog and a heaviness since I got C#VID last year. I spoke to Kari about this and asked her to take a look. Within a span of less than a minute I felt a BUZZING in my chest and lungs. She explained that a nano-tech was affecting the area. As she continued I felt a SWIRLING of joy come into my chest. Then I felt my lungs open up energetically. Then I felt JOY, SPACE and HAPPINESS come into my chest / heart chakra. This was a 100% SHIFT from what I had been feeling. Kari does amazing work and it lasts!"

 Host and Founder, You Wealth Revolution

From Feeling Almost Dead to Conquering SIBO

"When beginning the Restorative Program, I felt so poorly that I felt I was almost dead! I had SIBO that would put me out of commission for a week at a time, I couldn’t eat hardly anything without having a reaction, couldn’t smell, and had trouble keeping my blood sugars balanced. I had tried everything and nothing was changing how I was feeling and I just kept getting worse.
I have been so thankful for changes from this program. While I still am not perfect, I am functioning at a level where I am feeling very alive and present. SIBO may interfere for 3 days vs the 7 (a huge improvement), and I am experiencing much less trouble with food I am eating. My smell has come back significantly and blood sugars are much less of a problem. My connection with family and friends has been restored and my interest to engage in life has come back. I can say that I have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to get better, and yet nothing has helped like this program. I will continue to stay with this since I keep feeling better and better."


I noticed my energy increase in just one week

"I noticed my energy increase "My hair isn't falling out as much as it was before I started the Restorative Program.  I noticed my energy increase in just one week. I was able to go back to working a full day without a problem, where before, I was so exhausted and unable to do anything more than sleep after work."in just one week"


Sleeping better and also lost 10 lbs...

"TSH is down, TPO antibodies are down,.. and feeling better. Sleeping better and also lost 10 lbs, and digestion is better."

~ Annie N.

I take nothing now to assist elimination...

"I noticed a foul taste and breath coming from gut after starting to work with you- which tells me something is happening as I have never been in touch with my body before. Defecation more than ever before in my entire life! I take opiod painkillers which terribly impacts my ability to eliminate. I take nothing now to assist elimination since starting your program, but am able to go fully. Energy level is way up! I feel the lift of joy , fullness, softness, warmth and definitely a deep calm with the Connection Peace."

~ Leslie H

I noticed yesterday the aches and pains I have been experiencing have gone.

"I mentioned this to my husband John. He said your face has changed - it’s Like trauma from the past has left. You look alive!!!"

~ Jasmine

Foot is close to being healed after being injured and not healing .

"Foot is close to being healed after being injured and not healing . The toe is mostly what’s left of the injury, so feeling quite good not and starting to exercise again. Rsv and covid mostly gone. Energy is much better, and mood is getting better."

~ Debra C

I feel almost MAGNETIC!

"When I started the Restorative Program, I had covid and not was not fully recovered. I had blurry vision, urinary system problems with frequent need to use the bathroom, sore throat all the time, and redness and itching on my cheeks. I had so many other things as well… gum disease, my stomach had chronic gas problems, and I had extreme shoulder pain on my right side. My brain function was so low that I felt that I had early stages of dementia including trouble focusing, finding my words, and short-term memory issues. I did not have enough energy to move forward with anything in my life. ALL of this is resolved after completing the Restorative Program. I feel so connected to my friends and family and community; it seems that people appreciate me more than every before. I feel almost MAGNETIC!"

~ S.Ken

I have a new-found faith that my body can heal again.

"Slept for 24 hours and intense ( 10/10 pain) back almost gone, bronchitis is gone! Rib pain is gone from the front to the back on the ride side. On the weekend it was the 7th anniversary of my mother’s death. I got through the whole weekend without a single tear! First time ever. I think my body has gone back to go back to using sleep to heal Have been able to connect with the connection. Process and been able to use it and realized that I am now understanding my body and how it communicates to me. I have a new-found faith that my body can heal again."

~ H.L.

I knew this was real...

"It was the 3rd week of the live calls, I noticed a feeling of a lot of clean energy that made me feel really good and I felt so energized. That meditation had some serious power and made things really click! Most of the time when I do meditations from other’s, I don’t feel very much and this time it felt so profound. I knew this was real."

~ D.S.

My daughter’s attention span has really improved...

"My daughter’s attention span has really improved because she couldn’t even sit through a movie. Now she is sitting through multiple movies and enjoying them. She feels much less depressed overall. This work has really taken off the high highs and low lows. She is now attending classes, getting high marks in her school, and getting out with friends and starting to excel. This is a big change from unable to attend school, go out into public, severely depressed, unable to focus and thrive in life."

~ A.B. Rush

Your work has brought together a lot of threads in my life...

"The understanding has come in is that we are far from limited to just to our five senses. My physical health is so good now, and I enjoy the changes in my digestion and brain. I have so much more physical energy now than I did before. I catch myself now when I find myself slipping into old patterns and habits and quickly shift out of them. I am able to shift from stress and worry about work into confidence and trust. I have overcome huge obstacles that have stood in the way of success! I’m enjoying the increased sense of balance, focus and confidence now. I noticed that my body heals faster from injuries or infections than ever before. What an immense blessing this work has been!"

~ Angela H

My son went through some major milestones recently...

"He had gone through many difficulties such as depression, psychosis, and OCD behavior. He was not able to work or really do anything at all. As an adult, he has been totally dependant on me. He would only eat poultry, sweet potato and one other thing. Now he is eating beef and a full variety of foods. I notice he is able to get out more and visit with people more. He was afraid before and wouldn’t want to leave the house hardly at all. After the last session he wanted to go out with me to buy sunflowers since he said that he felt very happy. This has never happened before where he is expressing himself this way and wanting to enjoy life."

~ Cindy W.

I have felt so much better working with you.

"My energy has returned, my body seems to behave. The pains in my stomach have lessened considerably.

~ Ashlynn

During this session I have physically felt the heaviness and tiredness lifting!

"I AM Experiencing more clarity in my mind regarding money and also more movements in my body!"

~ Leanda

My mind was more at ease...

"...and I was able to calm down to the point of falling asleep well that night."

~ Madaline

Here's more people that our program has helped and who have been kind enough to provide excellent reviews:

Just one session and my weeks of not sleeping well were put to rest!

"I couldn’t believe how quickly it resolved.! Thank You!"

~ Ethan L.

I have good news!

"I can now start making choices that are grounded and not emotional in relation to finances! I don’t feel like I’m being pushed around so much anymore. Thank You!"

~ Sharon

During this session, I was needing help with flu

"I felt ALL of my symptoms improve DURING THE SESSION. My eyes are clear (no more watering and redness), my throat condition is gone, headache gone, stomach ache gone, I’m feeling more awake and more energy."

~ Danika

My period pain is down . As it is day 4 surely you helped.

"My severe knee and feet plantar fasciitis pain is better- pain is down to a 4.  My husband has not been sleeping for months and he said he slept well with only waking up once!"

~ Missie L.

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