Cardio/Brain Reset

Open the channels of communication to allow your brain and heart to work in unison for a better balance of heart and brain health!

Love My Heart

With this MP3, Kari will clear infection from your heart that may be contributing to your heart not working at its optimal rate, so your heart can IMMEDIATELY begin working at it's optimal capacity!

Cardio Clear

This MP3 is designed to clear out ANY infection to ensure that your cardiovascular center of the brain is not hindered and working properly.

CardioCare Energetic Supplements

Transition to a more peaceful and relaxed state so your brain and heart can heal and restore!

Ready to own this Cardio/Brain Reset stand-alone program?


This program creates measurable improvements in logical thinking, emotional balance and control, creative mind, memory recall, communication and speech, and mental clarity.


This program creates measurable improvements in stomach pain, digestibility, gas and bloating, elimination challenges, mental clarity, reflux, and reduced tooth infection.


This program creates measurable improvements in energy, focus, mental clarity, weight balance, hormone balance, and emotional balance.


This program creates measurable improvements in mental clarity, skin tone and elasticity, weight balance, mood, reduced pain and aching, and resilience to infection.

Kari Alajoki

Personal transformational experiences and extensive studies led to the discovery of Kari's profound ability to intuitively connect with and support others in the areas of emotional, mental, physical, social and business challenges, now presented online, streaming and recorded.

Clients from countries around the world have benefited tangibly from her support and guidance in these areas.  Kari now offers exceptionally powerful, fun and targeted MP3 audio and video suites, live group classes, and her cornerstone Restorative Programs.

Her work comprises purposeful led and guided meditations, that provide real life benefits, as well as silent meditations overlayed with soft music.


I am passionate about helping moms!

Let me successfully help you through the process of discovering what you would like your perfect life to look like. We will take the steps needed to evaluate patterns that hold you back, and make a plan that incorporates small changes so that you become the mom you have always dreamed of!


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What Others Say

It’s like a realignment that happens in the centers without effort

"The process of bringing the starry night sky where you can manifest by bringing your intentions into your hands and putting it into your heart. Everything either dissipates or harmonizes. And the opening of the energy centers… it’s so amazing how we just allow and leave off the trying and effort. It’s like a realignment that happens in the centers without effort, but just peace."

I.L. Washington

I have felt much better and find that I sleep better, have a clearer mind, feel stronger, and have more energy.

"I have pain and weakness due to scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and osteoporosis. I have felt much better and find that I sleep better, have a clearer mind, feel stronger, and have more energy. My bladder has better control and I don’t have the issue with urgency that I used to have. I feel the energy shifting.  I continue to have results!"

Marlene L.

Life reset and energized...

"Through her healing modalities, Kari helped me to reduce fear and rekindle my desire to pursue schooling. "

~ Janelle V.

Struggle gone, free to move forward...

"I have been struggling with a feeling of a heavy cloud around me. I feel like I am ready to move forward and start making changes, much needed changes!"

~ F.H.

Procrastination now a thing of the past...

"With your help Kari, I feel refreshed with new energy, clearer focus and completing tasks. As a bonus, I have noticed I am happier throughout the day!"

~ Judy K.

Energy way up, pain and suffering down...

"The headache and pain up the back of my neck which I had for the past few months is completely gone after the healing and my chronic low energy is improved.

I now feel more grounded and peaceful and loving towards myself. Thank you so much Kari for this beautiful healing."

~ Dana

Instant relief from anxiety - permanent ...

I suddenly felt a heaviness come off my chest and instantly I felt relief. I felt like my mind was more at ease and I was able to calm down… I really haven’t had a problem with anxiety since and also have been having a very peaceful sleep…This is one of many positive results I have had."

~ Madaline A

I Instantly Felt LIGHTER and Felt the HAZE Was GONE!*

"I had been feeling brain fog and a heaviness since I got C#VID last year. I spoke to Kari about this and asked her to take a look. Within a span of less than a minute I felt a BUZZING in my chest and lungs. She explained that a nano-tech was affecting the area. As she continued I felt a SWIRLING of joy come into my chest. Then I felt my lungs open up energetically. Then I felt JOY, SPACE and HAPPINESS come into my chest / heart chakra. This was a 100% SHIFT from what I had been feeling. Kari does amazing work and it lasts!"

 Host and Founder, You Wealth Revolution

Energy is much better, and mood is getting better

"Foot is close to being healed after being injured and not healing . The toe is mostly what’s left of the injury, so feeling quite good not and starting to exercise again. RSV and C0vid mostly gone.  Energy is much better, and mood is getting better."


I now can travel long distances...

"I have had urinary problems for some time and wasn’t able to get to the bottom of it. I now can travel long distances without having to plan my trip around bathroom stops!"

Wayde S.

Such a fun and unexpected side effect

"After 1 session, my daughter began eating apples.  She previously would not eat any fruits or vegetables.  I had Kari do a session on my daughter related to her feeling bored and overwhelmed... not only did I notice improvement in that area, but she (this daughter who never touched fruits or vegetables) started eating apples and could not believe how delicious they are. Such a fun and unexpected side effect. "

Katrina S

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