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You Too Can Improve Your Overall Health

– And It’s a Lot Easier Than You Think!"

If you've been searching for answers to a specific problem, or for


then you're going to want to read every word on this page...

(No Commitment, Free of Charge)

Have you or someone you love struggled with finding a correct diagnosis and a treatment program that works

Getting to the root of a physical, emotional or mental irregularity can be time consuming, costly, and frustrating.  

You know what I’m talking about, right?

All of these types of solutions promise you that you’ll get some out-of-this-world results. By the time you finish reading their sales page, you’re convinced there’s no way their healing program won’t work for you. It seems like a sure thing, right?

But then you try it out…

And it doesn’t work. More often than not, because they require you to do tons of interventions on your own and leave you having to figure out what to do with all they sell you.

And you end up feeling burned again

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

It’s not so much that other programs have bad intentions or that their methods aren’t designed to work, but they simply don’t work for everyone. What sets this modality apart from others is that it is a carefully constructed program that utilizes high frequencies to create a space where your body can begin its own healing at the cellular level.  This program is designed to work with our physical, mental, emotional and energetic fields to create a maximum amount of change. And, it works for everyone!


The Restorative Program works at the cellular level to address any area of the physical, mental, and emotional body. These can manifest in areas such as brain fog, chronic fatigue, auto-immune challenges, and feelings of hopelessness.  Over the course of weeks, we make changes at the cellular level you are able to transform into experiencing increased energy, mental clarity and focus, and relief of symptoms. Once we shift the energy at our cellular level, true healing begins!

This program increases energy to help you feel like your old self, see hope and possibility in the future, and have the mental clarity and focus to carry out anything you desire.

For example: A woman complains about stomach cramps, bloating and indigestion, so she purchases supplements and a "treat your digestive program" without talking to the seller, with the hopes that her problems would go away. She follows all the recommended information provided. But to her dismay, she did not get improvement for her condition.

Why? Because it's not a digestive problem she's been having. It's because it's due to symptoms of her perimenopause and distress.

And that’s why our Restorative Program is completely different…




A Remote Session To:

  • Clear blocks and attachments from your DNA and timeline that would prevent the digestive system from regenerating efficiently and effectively.
  • Increase the Life Force (energy) in your body to be able to receive the regenerative process.
  • Balance the energetic, physical, mental, and emotional fields.
  • Balance chakras and auras.
  • Energetic Transmissions of Digestive enzymes and nutrients.
  • Digestive enzymes for digestion
  • Infection clearing support for virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite
  • 60 essential nutrients

OUR Restorative program is the only quantum healing That's been field tested thoroughly by subjects ranging from having light to severe health issues

When I say our Restorative Program works - that it can actually improve overall health of the subject, I mean it. The restorative program has PROVEN results.

Case Study #1:

Estella had acid reflux and psoriasis and had ears that were weeping and crusted, along with itchy ear canals. She was tired of worrying, depressed and stressed out of her mind when she first approached me. Today, she has had a reduction in all of those symptoms.

And Estella isn't the only one. Check this out...

And Estella isn't the only one. Check this out...

Case Study #2:

Danni has a lump in her breast, and she suspected that it has already spread.  She previously had cancer and tried medical treatment, but it didn't work.  Apart from that, she also has had lymphedema in her right arm on and off. When she recently consulted me about it, she had already conceded and was not seeking to eliminate the cancer, but to hopefully erase it from her genes and family timeline so that her children would not inherit or face the same condition.  

Today, she is much better, the arm pain and feeling of lymphedema is better, and her energy is higher.  Danni’s relationship with her children has improved significantly. She is now ready to tackle the cancer head on as her lump has not grown since we began working together.  We continue to work at the cellular level to create change for her children.

Her friends are calling her back and she is experience happiness and joy.

Pretty exciting, right?

If these people can get these great results, then you can too!

All you need to do is take action and book a session with Kari for a 15-minute discovery consultation session. 

(No Commitment, Free of Charge)

Meet Kari…

Welcome! I’m Kari Alajoki, Founder and Owner of E.M.Body Coaching and Healing.

How I began my journey… Years ago, I set out to make changes in my life due to feelings of overwhelm of raising a family amidst health challenges, and the inability to have the home life I desired. I began the studies of mind-body connection, transformational life coaching, and Quantum energetic healing.  Personal transformational experiences and extensive studies have led me to grow in personal confidence as a mother, how to coach and support my children through different stages in life, and who I am as a mother as part of the broader picture of who I am as a person. Out of this, I discovered my ability to intuitively connect and support others in the areas of emotional, mental, and physical challenges. Clients from countries around the world have benefited from support and healing in these areas.

Today, I am homeschooling my children (and loving it!), and enjoy coaching and supporting others in their emotional, mind and body challenges. Using Quantum energy to activate a person’s own body to stimulate healing, I specialize specifically in auto-immune challenges to help create balance within their bodies to support them in their healing process. While my coaching practice can guide individuals in all areas of life, I am especially passionate about helping mothers.

Our Restorative Program is Not

  • Endless Mp3's that are about quantity vs quality.
  • A quick fix to a deeper problem

Here's WHAT OUR Restorative Program is...

  • A whole body approach to feeling better
  • A carefully created series of sessions, and support to supply sustained frequencies

I Instantly Felt LIGHTER and Felt the HAZE Was GONE!*

"I had been feeling brain fog and a heaviness since I got C#VID last year. I spoke to Kari about this and asked her to take a look. Within a span of less than a minute I felt a BUZZING in my chest and lungs. She explained that a nano-tech was affecting the area. As she continued I felt a SWIRLING of joy come into my chest. Then I felt my lungs open up energetically. Then I felt JOY, SPACE and HAPPINESS come into my chest / heart chakra. This was a 100% SHIFT from what I had been feeling. Kari does amazing work and it lasts!"

 Host and Founder, You Wealth Revolution

Let’s take a look at what you can possibly get with our restorative program…


Sixteen-Week remote healing program

Every week, I perform remote sessions. Each week you'll get updates on the completion of session, including suggestions that could help you improve your overall health

This sixteen-week program creates measurable improvements in logical thinking, emotional balance and control, creative mind, memory recall, communication and speech, and mental clarity.



I will create a specific Block Buster Clearing for your system.  This program is intended to clear and eliminate blocks to healing and releasing. This will assist in and enhance your healing process.

(No Commitment, Free of Charge)


Restoration Intention media

I will send you an intention video that clearly discusses intentions and the goal of improving your overall health

This intention video is featured in every element of the restorative program. I believe this piece is very important that it's featured every month to help you absorb the information. This will help you stay in a higher frequency to participate in your healing experience, and is an important piece of your healing process.



Here we will be increasing frequency to all the areas of your systems to ensure that they are restored to their maximum capacity.

Additionally, we will be releasing toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, viruses, parasites, bacteria, and fungus.

These clearings also take care of cell mutations and nanobots.

(No Commitment, Free of Charge)

Kari did some amazing work with my daughter.

"She focused on healing her digestive system and the results were amazing.
Symptoms from her autoimmune diagnosis included emotional, and physical challenges along with pain and brain fog that impacted her quality of daily living.  Now, she is independently looking after herself and has hope for the future."

Heartfelt Gratitude,   M.A.



Again, we will be increasing frequency to all the areas of the targeted systems to ensure that they are restored to their maximum capacity.

We will be releasing toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, viruses, parasites, bacteria, and fungus on these systems.

These clearings also take care of other attachments you may have.


Cleanup Session - Centering ExerciSe

As we complete our Restorative sessions, I will continue to send additional energetic support with a centering exercise to maintain in keeping the energy and frequency of these systems high, and to continue to create space for healing to occur. This will also enhance your sessions by gathering any unresolved issues and bringing them to completion.

(No Commitment, Free of Charge)



These support audios will help you throughout your healing process and complement other health or healing modalities.

  • Mood Boosting
  • Inflammation Reducer
  • Detox and Energetic Support
  • Blood Sugar Balancing
  • Food Sensitivity
  • Restore My Sleep

Our Program Works!

Others just like you have started out skeptical, only to find that our system made a real difference for them.
Here's what some of the people say about our program and how it has helped them:


I noticed yesterday the aches and pains I have been experiencing have gone.

I mentioned this to my husband John. He said your face has changed - it’s Like trauma from the past has left. You look alive!!!


I have felt so much better working with you.

My energy has returned, my body seems to behave. The pains in my stomach have lessened considerably. Have been listening to the mp3 twice a day.


During this session I have physically felt the heaviness and tiredness lifting!

I AM Experiencing more clarity in my mind regarding money and also more movements in my body!


My mind was more at ease...

...and I was able to calm down to the point of falling asleep well that night.

(No Commitment, Free of Charge)

Here's more people that our program has helped and who have been kind enough to provide excellent reviews:


Just one session and my weeks of not sleeping well were put to rest!

I couldn’t believe how quickly it resolved.! Thank You!


I have good news!

I can now start making choices that are grounded and not emotional in relation to finances! I don’t feel like I’m being pushed around so much anymore. Thank You!


During this session, I was needing help with flu

I felt ALL of my symptoms improve DURING THE SESSION. My eyes are clear (no more watering and redness), my throat condition is gone, headache gone, stomach ache gone, I’m feeling more awake and more energy.


My period pain is down . As it is day 4 surely you helped.

My severe knee and feet plantar fasciitis pain is better- pain is down to a 4.  My husband has not been sleeping for months and he said he slept well with only waking up once!

(No Commitment, Free of Charge)

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