Meet Kari…

Welcome! I’m Kari Alajoki, Founder and Owner of E.M.Body Coaching and Healing.

How I began my journey… Years ago, I set out to make changes in my life due to feelings of overwhelm of raising a family amidst health challenges, and the inability to have the home life I desired. I began the studies of mind-body connection, transformational life coaching, and Quantum energetic healing.  Personal transformational experiences and extensive studies have led me to grow in personal confidence as a mother, how to coach and support my children through different stages in life, and who I am as a mother as part of the broader picture of who I am as a person. Out of this, I discovered my ability to intuitively connect and support others in the areas of emotional, mental, and physical challenges. Clients from countries around the world have benefited from support and healing in these areas.

Today, I am homeschooling my children (and loving it!), and enjoy coaching and supporting others in their emotional, mind and body challenges. Using Quantum energy to activate a person’s own body to stimulate healing, I specialize specifically in auto-immune challenges to help create balance within their bodies to support them in their healing process. While my coaching practice can guide individuals in all areas of life, I am especially passionate about helping mothers.

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The no-fuss, first step program my clients use to achieve improvement in their overall health, wellness, energy, vitality, success and more...

How I easily answer my health problems and enjoy my life while still having energy for my family!

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On this call, you'll discover:

  • The exact steps I used to create FAST results for my clients …
  • ….WITHOUT traveling the globe looking for a sacred place, completing rituals, or trying to find your ‘guides’.
  • The exact program I used immediately creates a direct connection to frequency and the information you need to know to get the results you want.
  • The carefully created series of sessions, and support to supply sustained frequencies I designed for my clients.
  • What you DON’T need to know in order to get REAL results REAL fast.
  • The EXACT Formula our clients use to find accurate results, even if they’ve tried other programs before, and didn’t succeed.
Kari Alajoki

Personal transformational experiences and extensive studies led to the discovery of Kari's profound ability to intuitively connect with and support others in the areas of emotional, mental, physical, social and business challenges, now presented online, streaming and recorded.

Clients from countries around the world have benefited tangibly from her support and guidance in these areas.  Kari now offers exceptionally powerful, fun and targeted MP3 audio and video suites, live group classes, and her cornerstone Restorative Programs.

Her work comprises purposeful led and guided meditations, that provide real life benefits, as well as silent meditations overlayed with soft music.

What Others Say

I Instantly Felt LIGHTER and Felt the HAZE Was GONE!*

"I had been feeling brain fog and a heaviness since I got C#VID last year. I spoke to Kari about this and asked her to take a look. Within a span of less than a minute I felt a BUZZING in my chest and lungs. She explained that a nano-tech was affecting the area. As she continued I felt a SWIRLING of joy come into my chest. Then I felt my lungs open up energetically. Then I felt JOY, SPACE and HAPPINESS come into my chest / heart chakra. This was a 100% SHIFT from what I had been feeling. Kari does amazing work and it lasts!"

 Host and Founder, You Wealth Revolution

What an immense blessing this work has been!

"Your work in the Restorative Program has brought together a lot of threads in my life and my life’s work.  The understanding has come in is that we are far from limited to just to our five senses. My physical health is so good now, and I enjoy the changes in my digestion and brain. I have so much more physical energy now than I did before.
I catch myself now when I find myself slipping into old patterns and habits and quickly shift out of them. I am able to shift from stress and worry about work into confidence and trust. I have overcome huge obstacles that have stood in the way of success!
I’m enjoying the increased sense of balance, focus and confidence now. I noticed that my body heals faster from injuries or infections than ever before. What an immense blessing this work has been!"

Angela H.

I’m slower to anger since the Parasite program...

"While doing the Parasite program, I had a detox headache which gave information that things were working, and then when the headache cleared, I knew when it was resolved. I used to think 'why can’t my brain function like it used to?'. This Parasite program has helped a lot with this. On a scale of 0-10 with 10 being most affected, I am at a 3-4 and I was at an 8-9 before with brain fog.
My head was constantly itching. It was itching down onto my face as well and I would almost have what seemed like hives. That is much better!
I always had a lot of bloating and gas and I had trouble with elimination and constipation since birth. The gas and bloating are better and lactose doesn’t bother as much. I can eat yogurt now.
My relationship with my husband has been a challenge because I have A Greek heritage and my husband is from El Salvador and it’s so different there. Now I’m voicing my thoughts and I’m slower to anger since the Parasite program. I’m not as reactive., I will have a more appropriate response instead."

Elaine A.

I had breast cancer 11 yrs ago and now the lymph nodes

under my arms are not bothering anymore.

"The Root Cause series has helped a lot with 2 c0vid vaccines I had. I feel so much better. I would get floaters after vaccine. They used to come in in waves and black dots. The floaters have lessened a lot.
I had breast cancer 11 yrs ago and now the lymph nodes under my arms are not bothering anymore.
I don’t have any stomach problems anymore.  The Mold and Fungus has helped with indigestion. I don’t have chronic diarrhea and my body is digesting better.
Sleep is so much better. I don’t wake up during the night anymore 3-4 times and I tend to sleep earlier now.
My Dr. said “wow! All your levels have dropped”.  Potassium cholesterol, magnesium levels are all better plus more. My Dr. is really happy about it. He said “keep it up, keep it up!, let me know what you are doing!”
I am feeling so much better! I used to physically drag my feet when I walked as I didn’t have strength, and was so tired. I am 71. I didn’t have any energy to walk or do anything.
I also have fibromyalgia. It worsened with the c0vid vaxx. Now it is reduced from 10 down to 3. It is really really good. You know how it is so painful and it attacks everything.
When I talk to people now, they really seem to listen differently that before. They say “Gosh you’re really looking good and your color is looking better and you moving so much better! What has changed?”
My dog Charlie loves when I have these sessions and will come and sit by me every time. He is 12 and is more alert now. He always sits with me and stretches and walks around as if the session really felt well. "

Jennifer L.

I felt an upliftment in my entire body...

"When running both the Mold and Dental, the mp3 with the breast health felt very powerful. I felt it mostly in the heart center and breast and also felt an upliftment in my entire body. I had had breast cancer before and so I could feel that this was doing something! I feel like my relationships are even better than before! That confusion around the heart you mentioned seems to have left my heart and my life. Digestion has been fabulous since starting the Mold and Dental programs. I’ve felt better with less gas and bloating and elimination. I’m celiac and recently had spelt that did not make me sick. I’m not scared anymore to eat out at restaurants. My husband is really enjoying this part! I stayed away from social eating because I had to worry so much and then if my food was contaminated, I would be so sick for a long time. I really feel that things have changed in so many ways."

Susan D.

I have become clearer in my mind...

"I started with your programs beginning with Mold and Dental morning and evening. When I finished those, I began the Parasites and Nanobot program.
I had had a continuous backache on the lower right side of my back that was very painful for many years. That has since disappeared since beginning my programs. I used to cough a lot for an unknown reason, and that has disappeared as well!

I also had Lyme’s disease. I had migraines for many years with this and the dr’s said I had to live with that, and that there was no help for me, so I quit the dr.  The migraines became very painful and I felt like I had an ax at the top of the head along with vomiting and clearing of bowels for many hours. Then I would fall asleep and wake up ok. This would happen over and over. I am not vomiting food anymore but rather just some phlegm. The usual nausea goes away and it is better managed, and no feeling of an ax. I have become clearer in my mind as I was very confused and my memory was bad. Now I am coming out of this.

 I always had a problem in the anal and perinium and hemorrhoids. I had lots of tiny white and stringy things for 2 years. This all went away and there is only a slight rash left after beginning the Parasite program. I am sure with the Parasite program the area where there is the rash in the perineum will reduce even more.

I had many years of constipation, and toileting was difficult. I always had the sensation that before the anus, the rectum felt like it had a twist that did not allow elimination without manual help. Now the rectal area is normal and straight and elimination is 3 x a day. Stool is regular and soft as it is meant to be. My husband also has had big elimination problems and has needed a nurse to help him in elimination, and now he is going every day at least once per day. he is 95 yrs. ago. This was while doing the Mold program. "


I have been in a better mood...

"I am feeling good! I feel like there has been a reduction in the infection in my mouth and inflammation has died down. I have been in a better mood and I feel like I have been lifted up from my chronic severe depression. This is a first for me."


Noticed a feeling of a lot of clean energy...

"It was the 3rd week of the live calls, I noticed a feeling of a lot of clean energy that made me feel really good and I felt so energized. That meditation had some serious power and made things really click! Most of the time when I do meditations from other’s, I don’t feel very much and this time it felt so profound. I knew this was real."


I definitely felt my digestive system activate...

"Yesterday’s group call was one of my favorites .. something about it made me be able to really feel energies so much more than ever. I definitely felt my digestive system activate while in the group call. Not only that, my mouth is much more comfortable and the inflammation is less."

Kim C.

Parasite and Nanobot Programs and sessions have helped so much!

"The Parasite and Nanobot Programs and sessions have helped so much! I cleared weight ( 5 lbs) and also, the lymphedema I experienced after my injections is much better. I Have better sleep and energy. I really feel a big difference! After our session, my eye floaters are greatly reduced (it’s the last piece of what needed work). Thank you, you are a real blessing!"


My daughter feels much less depressed overall...

"My daughter’s attention span has really improved because she couldn’t even sit through a movie. Now she is sitting through multiple movies and enjoying them. She feels much less depressed overall. This work has really taken off the high highs and low lows. She is now attending classes, getting high marks in her school, and getting out with friends and starting to excel. This is a big change from unable to attend school, go out into public, severely depressed, unable to focus and thrive in life."


I feel lighter...

"I have had special concern about my lungs as I do have recurrent chest infection. Since C19, and wearing mask, I developed a bad habit not to breathe, holding breath, or have shallow breathing. This is much better now, and these problems are not affecting me like they used to. I feel lighter with all the mp3’s, and I really enjoy the music too."


Floaters in my eyes are greatly reduced...

"Wow, after this fungus 1-1 session, the floaters in my eyes are greatly reduced. I know they were a part of the bigger problems of autoimmune that I have, but I am so thrilled that a change can happen this quickly. I have had too many positive changes to even list completely. My entire throat has released the chronic inflammation and fullness feeling that I always have in just this session."


Energy is much better, and mood is getting better

"Foot is close to being healed after being injured and not healing . The toe is mostly what’s left of the injury, so feeling quite good not and starting to exercise again. RSV and C0vid mostly gone.  Energy is much better, and mood is getting better."


It’s like a realignment that happens in the centers without effort

"The process of bringing the starry night sky where you can manifest by bringing your intentions into your hands and putting it into your heart. Everything either dissipates or harmonizes. And the opening of the energy centers… it’s so amazing how we just allow and leave off the trying and effort. It’s like a realignment that happens in the centers without effort, but just peace."

~ I.L. Washington

I now can travel long distances...

"I have had urinary problems for some time and wasn’t able to get to the bottom of it. I now can travel long distances without having to plan my trip around bathroom stops."

~ Wayne S.

I have felt much better and find that I sleep better, have a clearer mind, feel stronger, and have more energy.

"I have pain and weakness due to scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and osteoporosis.  I have used Kari to help with pain if I have fallen or become injured.  I have felt much better and find that I sleep better, have a clearer mind, feel stronger, and have more energy. My bladder has better control and I don’t have the issue with urgency that I used to have. I always know when she’s working on me since I feel the energy shifting.  I will continue to use Kari as part of my healing since I continue to have results!"

~ Marlena M.

Such a fun and unexpected side effect

"After 1 session, my daughter began eating apples.  She previously would not eat any fruits or vegetables.  I had Kari do a session on my daughter related to her feeling bored and overwhelmed... not only did I notice improvement in that area, but she (this daughter who never touched fruits or vegetables) started eating apples and could not believe how delicious they are. Such a fun and unexpected side effect. "

~ Katrina S

Life reset and energized...

"Through her healing modalities, Kari helped me to reduce fear and rekindle my desire to pursue schooling. "

~ Janelle V.

Precision healing...

"I'm so impressed with how Kari locates what the issue is, what is causing it, and then clears it so quickly!"

~ Marlene A.

Struggle gone, free to move forward...

"I have been struggling with a feeling of a heavy cloud around me. I feel like I am ready to move forward and start making changes, much needed changes!"

~ F.H.

Procrastination now a thing of the past...

"With your help Kari, I feel refreshed with new energy, clearer focus and completing tasks. As a bonus, I have noticed I am happier throughout the day!"

~ Judy K.

Energy way up, pain and suffering down...

"The headache and pain up the back of my neck which I had for the past few months is completely gone after the healing and my chronic low energy is improved.

I now feel more grounded and peaceful and loving towards myself. Thank you so much Kari for this beautiful healing."

~ Dana

Instant relief from anxiety - permanent ...

I suddenly felt a heaviness come off my chest and instantly I felt relief. I felt like my mind was more at ease and I was able to calm down… I really haven’t had a problem with anxiety since that session and also have been having a very peaceful sleep… I highly recommend Kari, as this is one of many positive results I have had."

~ Madaline A.

(No Commitment, Free of Charge)




A Remote Session To:

  • Clear blocks and attachments from your DNA and timeline that would prevent the digestive system from regenerating efficiently and effectively.
  • Increase the Life Force (energy) in your body to be able to receive the regenerative process.
  • Balance the energetic, physical, mental, and emotional fields.
  • Balance chakras and auras.
  • Energetic Transmissions of Digestive enzymes and nutrients.
  • Digestive enzymes for digestion
  • Infection clearing support for virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite
  • 60 essential nutrients

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